Blackberry Sports Gambling Apps

Are you a sports nut who just can’t get enough? Do you have a favorite team in every sport, both pro and college? There is a way to get even more excitement from watching sports. Did you know that there are blackberry gambling apps for your phone that allow you the freedom to wager on football, baseball and every other major sport on the planet. You can have fun and make extra money on the side by placing sports bets. Sports betting is easier than you think. And you can do it from the convenience of your own home, office, or wherever you are located.

There are many apps available for Blackberry users to place bets on. Of course, you should do your research before using any Blackberry sports betting app. Generally, when using a sports book app you will need to create an account and link it with your valid bank account or credit card. Some of these apps may also require you to make a deposit. In addition, these apps may require you to submit proof of identification to make sure that you are who you say you are.

A photocopy of your passport or state identification card may be acceptable; please make sure you have those documents handy. Alternatively, the app may be able to use the ID number on your driver’s license to verify your identity. These steps may seem tedious but they are for your consumer protection especially in this day and age of identity theft. After you verify your identity you can enjoy the benefits and convenience of using your Blackberry to place bets.

Now that you know that you can sports bets on your mobile phone, you now need to know how to read a sports bet. Keep in mind that a sports bet can be placed in person, on your mobile device especially your Blackberry, and online. Believe it or not many people are unaware of how to read the sports betting line.

Here is a little crash course on reading a sports betting line:

The majority of sports betting odds listed online are posted in the form of “American Odds.” American odds are based on decimal points as well as positive and negative numbers. An odd with a negative sign (-) means that your potential winnings will be less than you wagered. Alternatively an odd with a positive sign (+) indicates that your potential winnings will be more than you wagered. Not only is the sign next to the number important, but the number after the sign is crucial as well. Suppose you have an odd (-120) that means that a bet of $120 will payout $200,  giving you a net profit of $80. You’ve paid $20 in juice betting on the favorite to win. If you have a positive odd (+$138) then that means that if you bet $100 then you will win $238, your $100 bet and $138 for betting on the dog in the game.

There are other ways that betting odds are listed but the “American Odds” are used primarily in North America. Therefore, it would be a good idea to subscribe to other sports book websites.

When choosing a sports book it is important you do your research about the site and read consumer reviews. Also you know that sports betting can be done conveniently from your home computer or mobile phone. If you are a Blackberry user you can locate online sports books online or you can search for a sports betting app in the app shop of your Blackberry.

Remember if you have a gambling addiction there is help available. If you do decide to place sports bets you should use money from your entertainment budget and not your savings.